What’s the deal with Tofu?

Tofu is a curd make of soy beans.  It's amazing because it can take on any flavor when added to a dish, and has good protein with no cholesterol.  People in Asia have been eating tofu for centuries, tossing it into stir frys and curry dishes.

Tofu gets a bad rap because it has no flavor.  Just think of tofu like a protein powder.  It needs to be added to other things that have flavor, like sauces.  Or it can be sliced and marinated, stir fried, or even deep fried.

It comes in soft, firm and extra firm.  Extra firm is good for slicing thin, marinating and placing on a barbeque with other marinated vegetables.  Soft tofu is good for mixing into sauces like pasta sauce, because it will fall apart and just become part of the sauce.

Recently, people have been questioning tofu because it may contain chemicals that mimic estrogen.  All we can say is there is no shortage or dominant male testosterone in us as fighters, and many of us have eaten lots of tofu for years.  So feel free to keep an eye on research as it comes out, but we still think tofu is a great meat substitute in any dish.

Also, don;t forget about tempeh, another soy product that is fermented, can replace meat in dishes, and some people think is even healthier than tofu.

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