Matt “Handsome” Wiman – UFC Fighter

Professional MMA Fighter
Record 16 – 7 – 0        

I limit meat to one serving a day and that seems to be plenty for me.  I find it good for my diet because it forces me to get other forms of protein, which I find beneficial, and it expands the variety of what I eat (more vegetables, fruits, Greek yogurt, eggs, nuts and legumes, etc.). I can usually get 150 grams of protein a day, no problem. I usually eat my meats at home (bought typically at Whole Foods) and I eat a vegetarian diet outside the house. I only eat organic, humanely raised meats not only for health purposes, but I feel a big conviction as an animal lover to not support the mass production and awful treatment of animals.

I think if most people had to take something's life themselves to eat, we would be far more reserved as opposed to ordering a steak off a menu and then seeing it magically appear before you.  The health difference I feel from organic meats vs. the meats that you find at most restaurants is huge.  And you'll get far more health benefits from a smaller amount of humanely raised meat (where a chicken can move around, get sunlight, and eat a natural healthy diet) vs. a chicken that's been born on an assembly line, injected with antibiotics, and fed an awful diet while sitting in a cramped cage all of it's life.  It is a bit more expensive, but keep in mind you'll appreciate it far more, and you can eat far less than before. while getting better nutrients and fewer additives.  Also keep in mind that if you're going to spend money, what better thing to spend it on than your health and your body, not too mention a good cause.

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