Jake Shields – UFC Fighter

UFC title contender (38-8-1)
2 X Strikeforce Middleweight Champion
2 X EliteXC Welterweight Champion
Rumble on the Rock Welterweight Champion
Shooto Middleweight World Champion
Shooto America’s & Pacific Rim Champion
Gladiator Challenge Welterweight Champion
Midwest Fighting Superfight Champion
U.A.G.F. Fighting North American Champion        

I was raised without eating any meat, and I have never noticed that I was missing anything in terms of my strength and endurance, in fact just the opposite.  I've always been in great shape both as a wrestler and as a MMA fighter. I eat lots of great foods, get plenty of protein, and many of my friends have now cut down or cut out meat, and they all say they are feeling better than ever.  Give it a shot.
Website:  http://www.jakeshields.com/
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