Indian food is off the hook. There is a huge variety of great tasting sauces and spices, and after all millions of people live long lives in India never eating meat at all, so you have tons of awesome menu choices at an Indian restaurant.  Pretty much everything on the menu, and anything including chicken can be ordered without it.

– Chana Masala (chick peas with vegetables in a red sauce)

– Dal (lentil stew)

– Vegetable Samosas

– Kofta (vegetable balls)

– Basmati rice and Briyani

– Aloo Gobi (cauliflower and potatoes)

– Aloo Mataar (potatoes and peas curry)

– Mushroom Mataar

– Palak (spinach)

– Mater (peas in a curry sauce)

– Nan, Papadam, and Chapati breads

– Dosa (large pancake wrap filled with vegetables and a variety of sauces

– Uttapam (thick rice pancake filled with all sorts of vegetables

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