You have tons of great tasting options at an Italian restaurant.

– All pastas are fine- spaghetti, linguini, rotelle, penne, fettucini, angel hair, tortellini, shells, rigatoni, etc.  Just order them with a marinara sauce, and ask for vegetables to be included.  Other sauces would be pesto, puttanesca, and Alfredo (which contains dairy).

For example:
Angel hair pasta in a garlic marinara sauce with olives, sun dried tomatoes, and grilled porabello mushrooms
Baked tortellini with eggplant and mushrooms
Fresh tomato, arugula and artichoke pasta
Fettucini with asparagus and sun dried tomatoes

– Vegetable Lasagna

– Risotto (rice and vegetables)

– Ravioli

– Eggplant dishes with a marinara sauce

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