Lunch Menu


There are endless choices for lunch meals, but here are some ideas for easy ways to replenish yourself after your morning training, leaving you lots of energy to continue your day and fuel up for an evening workout..  We kept these simple so they are things you canprepare yourself even with very little skill.  Mix and match and adjust and increase quantities as suits your body. 

Sample Lunch 1

Boil up any pasta, (quinoa is great if your store has it, but it can be regular wheat pasta of any kind).  Toss some olive oil in a pan and cook up lots of vegetables including thinly sliced tofu, salting and spicing as you like.  You can also use a store bought organic vegetable pasta sauce as your base instead of olive oil.

Then chop up a salad with all your favorite vegetables, and toss in any beans and seeds you like, and choose your favorite dressing.  Drink a glass of juice and lots of water which always is good for good digestion and replenishing lost fluids from the morning training..

Sample Lunch 2

Heat up a tortilla or flat bread of any type to make a wrap.  Use a store-bought humus without preservatives if possible to spread over the flat bread.  Chop up your favorite veggie burger and toss it on the bread.  Dice up a pickle, olives, a tomato, and lettuce.  This all makes a great middle eastern wrap.  Add a cup of juice and as always drink lots of water.

Sample Lunch 3

Heat up a tortilla or flat bread of any type to make a wrap.  Chop up a tomato, lettuce, black olives, onions if you like them and anything else you like in a burrito.  Cook from scratch or heat up a can of black beans without preservatives.  Add in your own or a store-bought salsa, and make a great high protein burrito.  Add to it a side salad if you like, and as always drink lots of fluids.