Resources for Nutrition and Pique Performance

Here are links to books and other resources if you want to do more research into nutrition and pique performance by eating closer to the source.  You will see terms like vegan and vegetarian, but don't get hung up on them.  You can balance your diet in a way that works for you, but here you can see what is possible for the best results.

– The China Study  For an understanding of diet and general health issues, read this.

– Mike Mahler is a top notch strength and conditioning coach who advocates no meat or dairy at all in his "Aggressive Strength" system.

– Here is some good technical details if you want to see the science behind how someone can eat 100% foods from the source, and no meat or dairy at all, yet easily still maintain and build muscle mass.

–  This website is entirely devoted to body building for people who eat 100% sourve foods and no meat or dairy at all.

– Jon Hinds is a former NBA strength and conditioning coach and is a training consultant for the NFL and NBA.  He is also a BJJ competitor and eats no meat or dairy.

– "Whole Foods to Thrive"  A book about eating healthy that contains recipes.  Is it by Brendan Brazier, a champion professional iron man triathlete who eats no meat or dairy products.


– Vegan Bodybuilding by Robert Cheeke.

– Eat to Live For health and weight loss.

– If you are consuming no animal products at all, here is a list of essential nutrients you might be interested in, and here is a detailed look at protein.