The Logic


We are fighters and coaches who have had great results by making a positive change in what we eat and you can do the same.  We call it "eating closer to the source". It means eating first-hand more of the foods that come directly from the earth, rather than an animal eating from the source, and then you are eating the meat, thereby getting your nutrients second-hand. Remember, foods don't build your muscles –  exercise does!  Foods just give your body the nutrients it needs to replenish and grow and some foods are much better than others, and still other foods actually slow you down.

Are we saying you should eat no meat (or dairy) at all?  That's totally up to you.  Some of the world's top fighters eat no meat at all and many others have seriously cut down, and we all agree that our strength and endurance has improved.  You don't have to be all or nothing.  Don't get stuck on words like "being vegetarian" or "being vegan".  Just be open-minded.  We'll show you what's worked for us, and what's possible, and you decide what works for you.

This diet improvement, whether partial or total, will seriously increase your energy level, and allow you to train harder and longer, thus building more muscles and endurance. It will improve the way you feel and look, and we are speaking from personal experience.

We created this site to get the word out about what is working for us. We'll show you what to eat and how to get started.  Remember, it's not all or nothing.  You can make a partial diet change and see what works for you.  Once you decide to experiment and see the benefits, you can conduct a test.


Don't believe what anyone else says about what you should or should not eat just because they say it (including us). You know your body. Be open minded, think through the logic, and see what makes sense and how it works for you. We did, and the results are clear.


Consider this:

– If blood pumping oxygen to all your muscles keeps them moving fast and strong, but cholesterol causes blocking of the arteries and limits the flow, what if you ate only foods with zero cholesterol?
– How is it that the most powerful and high endurance mammals – a raging bull, a champion stallion, or even an elephant can develop thousands of pounds of muscle, and have amazing endurance, yet eat only grasses?


Your heart is pumping nutrients, including oxygen, to every part of your body.  This feeds your muscles and organs and gives you energy.  When the path gets blocked in your arteries, less nutrients get through. For a fighter, that means less oxygen to your muscles and slower muscle recovery. You get tired, you slow down, you can't recover as quickly, and you get the crap kicked out of you.

For everyone, it eventually means heart disease (heart attacks, etc.), the leading cause of death for Americans. This blocking of the flow of blood through arteries is caused by a build up of plaque due to cholesterol. Here's the deal – cholesterol is only present in meat, dairy and other animal products – foods where animals are using their bodies to process the nutrients that they consumed. Cholesterol does not exist in any vegetable foods – that includes fruits, grains, nuts, you name it. Zero cholesterol. These foods are closer to the source of the nutrients, closer to the soil. When you eat them directly, you get the nutrients directly and without any cholesterol. Your arteries remain clearer and don't block the flow of blood in your body so everything inside you can function better and more efficiently. Get your nutrients first hand from foods close to the source.  You then are the guy kicking the crap out of everybody else.


Eating huge amounts of protein does not make you strong.  Exercise makes you strong.  We need foods with nutrients, including protein to have energy and maintain our health. Protein is present in every living cell, both plant and animal. Think about it – bulls, champion stallions, and even elephants are massively powerful and muscular, and all they eat is grass – they just eat a lot of it!  Gorillas and other great apes are many times more powerful than us, and their diet is 98% leaves and fruit, with the other 2% being small bugs.

People now have access to more combinations of high-protein grains and nuts of all sorts, fresh fruits and vegetables than ever before. All these "close to the source" foods contain protein. If you want to be faster, stronger, leaner, have better endurance, have better skin, and even smell better, then you owe it to yourself to do what we do.  Check out how easy it is to eat closer to the source, get all the protein you need, and be stronger than ever before. Test it out, and then you decide.


There is no food you can eat that will build muscle or endurance.  Your muscles and endurance are built by your hard and consistent exercise.  Food is how you get nutrients that supply your muscles, giving you the energy to do your workouts in the first place, and rebuilding your muscle tissue during your recovery periods between workouts. With your diet, the real key to having stronger muscles and better endurance is eating foods that have all the nutrients you need, and that don't slow you down by being hard to digest and thereby draining the energy you need for hard workouts.

Think about it.  If you ate only meals that left you energized instead of giving you that sleepy feeling you get after a big meal, you would have more energy and could spend more time training and train harder.  In fact, if your diet was easier to digest, you would spend less of your calories just digesting your food, and you would even sleep better after your last meal of the day.  Eating more great tasting nutritious foods close to the source and reducing your meat intake will have exactly that effect.  You will feel lighter and have more energy, feel less sleepy after meals, and sleep better at night.  All of this will allow you train harder and longer, and you will see the results in your fitness and strength, just as we have.

We invite you to read though the info here and see how you feel when you test out even a small change in your diet.  You can see what foods to eat, when to eat, learn about supplements, get fitness and strength tips, etc. You can see examples of all the options you have at meal time on the What to Eat page. You can see some of the top fighters who are having success by eating closer to the source.  And your real opportunity is to take the test yourself and let your body be the judge like we did.