Meat and Cheese Substitutes

Meat substitutes are vegetable products processed to taste, look, or have the texture of meat. These taste pretty good (some are great). They can give you that chewy feel of meat you are used to in many prepared dishes such as tacos, pasta sauces, stir frys, etc., and they have a relatively high protein content because they use soy protein or wheat gluten as a base. But realize that these foods are processed, so are not necessarily the healthiest way to go when you are trying to make your body into a better machine, although as part of a balanced fresh food diet, they can really help ease a transition away from meat products.  You have to try them for yourself, but its best not to think of it as fake meat, but just as another food that might taste good when put on in a sandwich, on a bun, or mix it into a sauce.

These products are available in local health food markets, in some larger chains such as Whole Foods and main stream supermarkets in the produce section, and online.  Here are some of the best ones out there!


Vegenaise- a great no-egg mayonnaise and with no cholesterol

Just Mayo- another amazing no-egg mayonnaise

Burgers and meats:

Boca Burgers and more

Gardein beefless beef tips, chicken scalopini, and much more

Quom Cutlets

Yves ground beef and sandwich meatless meats

Sweet Earth

Lightlife – lots of sandwich slices and other products



Chao slices

Miyokos spreads (and butter!)

Daiya cheese- melts just like dairy cheese

Galaxy foods makes a variety of different cheese substitutes